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VentureTech Group offers strategic consulting for business process improvements and Salesforce implementations. We take a team-based, agile approach to each project to ensure that we are creating the most successful outcome possible.

We are a group of deep listeners, problem solvers, creative thinkers and industry experts whose number one goal is to deliver results. From reducing costs to revamping systems to implementing new software company-wide, our team excels at ensuring the successful implementation and adoption of Salesforce in your organization.

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VentureTech Group has always been committed to responsible growth while simultaneously dedicated to delivering outstanding value differently than our peers.  We began as a bootstrapped company in 2018, equipped with learnings to build around a hypothesis that services delivery centered on teams (not individuals) would provide disruptive value for clients and meaningful career paths for our own team members.  

Since then, we’ve continued to iterate and build on our unique team model, featuring our zero-handoff client commitment and people-first approach. VTG has grown every year since inception.  Clients tell us we understand their problems faster than anyone else and reward us with long-term relationships. Our novel delivery model has proven a differentiator for those we serve and for our team members. Our results are reflected in our Salesforce Crest partner scores and in our unprecedented client and team member retention numbers.


I am honored to lead this team and thankful for the chance to serve so many clients.  


Thank you for trusting VTG!

Benjamin Montello
Founder and Managing Partner
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